We are Desi Roots Beauty. Desi being a slang term used to describe the people, culture, and products of the Indian subcontinent (this list is not exhaustive!).  Founded in 2019 by myself Kajal, after a personal mission to sort out my son's stubborn eczema & my sudden burst of spotty prone skin. Not ideal when you're a year away from turning 40! 

We exist to get back to basics with our “Desi Roots" by using powerful Ayurveda natural ingredients (of which most are native or commonly used in India) and following rituals and methods our ancestors have followed for generations. Born and bred in England, my personal journey with my Indian heritage, has been through my family and ancestors & through past visits to India. I have always had some degree of exposure to natural beauty recipes and rituals and used them throughout my life. The need for more naturally available products is even more important in this day and age where we are all more environmentally & beauty conscious. 

I have a passion for making products with a purpose & my pursuit for innovation has led me to cutting edge natural ingredients and formulation styles which are hand-made with love like in the "olden" days. I believe in skincare that actually cares for the skin. It is just as important to put good quality ingredients on your body as you would in your body.  Having a background in finance, my formulations are carefully calculated to bring out the safest but highest possible levels of the active ingredients for maximum impact! 

My ethos is to harness and unleash the healing & beautifying properties of natural plant ingredients native to the East to the forefront of our beauty regimes today. The brand is proudly a fusion of East meets West and focuses on the potency, purity and daily efficacy of natural ingredients and encourages rituals and taking moments out when using our products. It is about slowing down and feeding the skin and soul with goodness for a more confident you.

All ingredients used are lovingly selected from reputable fair trade suppliers, concocted and freshly hand made using tailored techniques and blends. I only use the highest quality natural ingredients.

Inspired by India & made in London.  Fall in love with your natural beauty & come join the journey to India with us. Enter our ancient doors and begin your #skinpursuitwithdesiroots today!